About the company

Skywaves car rentals is a Malawian owned company, that has made remarkable growth, since its establishment in the year 2001. Skywaves car rentals gives travelers flexibility of travel with dependable, luxury or ordinary vehicles such as; saloon cars, 4X4’s, and buses ranging from 10 to 32 seaters. All our vehicles in the fleet are well maintained, ensuring your safety and security. An efficient and reliable car hire service situated in Lilongwe ; with 20 years’ experience in the industry, you can rely on Skywaves car rentals for your transportation needs, both within and outside the city. We offer a friendly service, with negotiable rates. Contact us today for a quote!

24 hour support

We provide 24hr support just to make sure you never get stuck anywhere. In case of an accident or breakdown.

Low prices

We adopt a low price penetration strategy & discounts are offered depending on the volume of the business given by the client.

Quality products

We use only high-quality vehicles for our clients. Vehicles are conditioned; comfortable and well maintained